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Fund raising to prevent, and heal the victims of, sex trafficking, violence and abuse in Southern California


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Our Purpose

One Step at a Time

Heroes 4 Victims’ purpose is to raise funds to prevent, and heal the victims of, sex trafficking, violence, and abuse in Southern California - and the world at large. Why do we seek to solve these three problems together? Because they are linked. Sex trafficking victims have either come from abusive & violent homes or they have been tricked and assaulted. Many are runaways escaping abusive families, who then get picked up (within days) by deceptive and charming gang members who lie to them then eventually use abuse, fear and manipulation to force their victims into sex trafficking. It is difficult to leave when there is nowhere safe to go, there is too much shame at being tricked, or their lives and families have been threatened, etc... Research shows that perpetrators have also come from abusive & violent homes. 

Help us to prevent this by healing families, stopping offenders, teaching parents & officials what to do & watch for, finding & healing victims.  Their shame and fear is overwhelming, leading to despair and helplessness. Reach out your hand to them through us. Purchase our baked goods and gift baskets to fund the many organizations we know are making a difference and making every penny count. Each organization we choose per month is either preventing or solving this problem from all angles; legally, with outreach, shelters, counseling, aid, support, and more. 

How You Can Help

Purchasing Our Products

We currently sell bakery goods and gift baskets. Hit the link to our online Bakery or Gifts at the top of the page menu. Pick up and $2 delivery is available on Fridays. Special delivery times other than Friday are also available for a fee. Click on our Bakery page for details. Each month in our blog, we will let you know where the net proceeds are headed, such as Rebirth Homes, Operation SafeHouse, Million Kids, Riverside Rape Crisis Center and Inspire Life Skills.  So please register to get updates from our blog. We look forward to working with you to make this world a better place!

Our Logo & Name

A Community Effort

This organization was born and developed in the hearts of the Corona, California community. The Heroes 4 Victims name was first realized in early 2014 as a URL when it was jointly created by a grass roots advisory team for the Heroes vs. Villains 5k. The race successfully raised funds for 3 years. (You can take a look at our fantastic photos from past events in our GALLERY section.) In early 2016 the URL, Heroes 4 Victims, became the official name for the cause. Please join us as we move in a new direction selling baked goods and gift baskets. We also want to give a big shout out to the creator of our fantastic logo, fellow Coronian and professional graphic artist, Steve Mahoney. Heroes 4 Victims is owned and operated by Christy Parker.


"I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people"

Maya Angelou


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