Soft 100% Whole Wheat Bread - 1 1/2 lbs


(No Added Gluten) So much softer and moister than other 100% whole wheat breads that it can stand alone with or without butter, and it's also great for making sandwiches. Whole wheat bread is lower in gluten than white flour breads making it (usually) dry and grainy, but bread makers usually add more gluten (even more than white bread has) in order to make it soft. This completely defetes the purpose of trying to lower your intake of gluten! We figured out how to make whole wheat bread soft and moist without adding gluten. By letting half the ingredients rise and ferment for four hours into what is called a "sponge", adding cooked brown rice, a touch of honey and some homemade raisin juice, we've hit a home run thanks to some tips from some gourmet bread bakers! 

  • Ingredients

    Whole wheat flour, water, brown rice, raisin juice concentrate (pureed: raisins, water, brown sugar, allspice, lemon juice, salt), yeast, honey salt



Corona, CA, USA

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