Wheat Sourdough Batard (ARTISAN/VEGAN - Order by 11am Wed)


Crusty crust with a moist and chewy inner crumb, this bread is what our customers call "Amazing!". Great for toast, cheese sandwiches (toast well before frying with cheese), and panini's (again toast well before putting in a pinini press. Must order by 9am Wednesday morning before the Friday you would like them delivered since it takes two days to make sourdough bread. You can also order ahead for two or more weeks out.


All net proceeds will go to a non-profit organization to prevent violence, abuse and/or sex trafficking in the So Cal area and beyond. Check out our current blog post to find out where the money is currently going for the month.

  • Ingredients

    Wheat flour, water, whole wheat flour, sourdough starter, [mild = barely flour, regular = rye flour, extra sour = rye flour and citric acid], salt



Corona, CA, USA

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