Inspire Life Skills - Our New Cause for May 2018

May 2, 2018

This month we are giving all net proceeds to Inspire Life Skills. You may wonder why we are giving funds to a program that helps foster kids who have exited the foster program at 18, so let me explain.


Research shows that a high number of foster children who have been forced to exit the foster program at 18, ready or not, become homeless. 1 in 3  of those homeless foster children becomes recruited into prostitution within 48 hours as a way to survive. 59% of sex trafficking victims arrested in L.A. for prostitution were at one time foster youth. Gangs and pimps target foster children because of their low self esteem, lack of support, and restrictions on the ability to change their circumstances; often being recruited while still living in their assigned group homes. Inspire Life Skills saves these young adults and gives them the support and skills they need to get a leg up on becoming independent and successful adults who thrive. Over the last 14 years they have helped 200 of these young adults to escape this downward spiral they never deserved.


Inspire helps them find a living space, a job, teaches them how to get a drivers license, drive, how to buy a car, apply for college, teaches them discipline, morals and more; all the things children normally receive from their parents. Many were never taught to drive and were not allowed to get a drivers license unless their foster families were willing to take that responsibility and liability. The government has refused to sign off on this unless the foster parents agree to do so. This greatly limits their ability to become upwardly mobile adults. Please help us to help them by ordering items from our Bakery section.


We have added some new products such as Extra Sour and Regular Sour Sourdough Breads. Just type in "Mild", "Regular" or "Extra Sour" when also choosing "Sliced" or "Whole" when ordering. We also have our Sweet Cornbread Cake which, unlike most cornbread, is moist and sweet. Lastly we have Christy's Chocolate Chip Chewy Maple Cookies made with just the right amount of maple syrup, brown sugar and pastry flour, to turn regular chocolate chip cookies into GOURMET chocolate chip cookies.  Please hit the Bakery link at the top of the page to view all our baked goods and breads. Thank you.










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