Million Kids - Our Cause for September 2018

September 11, 2018


I spoke with Opal Singleton after listening to her heart wrenching lecture and power-point presentation in our local community meeting. Opal started Million Kids to inform parents, law enforcement & kids about the tricks sex traffickers use, and to help reform laws with the local DA. We are giving to her organization this month because she is a powerhouse that is creating change, awareness and protection. Her work started here in So Cal but it is spreading as other states seek her training and help. She updates people weekly on her online talk show found at where you can also view current data and learn how to help. So, what is the latest trick traffickers use?


You know those free games your kids play on their phones and tablets? Well, most of them have chat rooms. In those chat rooms are other children, but 40% are sex traffickers who make themselves seem like children. So how do they get your kid to take the bate you ask? Let's say you told your child that they can only play the FREE portion of the game but Bobby or Samantha want them to come play in the paid section. They tell your child that they will pay for them to get into the paid section if your child sends them a nude picture. Kids that fall for this don't know that their gps gets sent with the picture. That sex trafficker, or child porn distributor, now knows where your child lives. Then comes the next part, called sextortion.


The predator tells the child that they know where they live and if they don't send them more pictures (or worse - believe me you don't want to know), the predator will send the pictures to their family and friends. This goes on and on until the predator does one of two things. They either post the pictures and videos (with the gps) onto child pornography sights where other predators find the pictures and gps information, and in turn start to also extort your child. The worst however, is the sex trafficker who then tells your child that if they don't come out of their house and get in their car parked around the corner, they will release the photos/videos.  Sex traffickers don't even have to grab children anymore. They have figured out how to chain them into coming to THEM.


Please help us to help Opal Singleton and Million Kids get the word out and keep helping law enforcement and DA's to understand what isn't working and what will. If you live in Corona, Riverside, Norco or Eastvale, CA please purchase our baked goods in our online bakery and they will be delivered on the Friday you choose. All net proceeds will go to Million Kids.












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